Haute Horns grew out of an artist’s love of animals, hunting and conservation. Each piece of art is curated in a unique way: though clients, antique stores, and found skulls.

San Antonio Native, Annlyn Osborn Barnett grew up expressing her artistic side through painting, dancing and drawing. One evening, while rummaging through her parents’ garage, she came across an old deer antler. Annlyn saw much more than just an abandoned animal horn, she saw its potential. After collecting an assortment of vibrant beads and spending hours laboring over the antler, she turned what was once the lifeless remain of an animal into a dynamic work of art.

Eight years later, Annlyn still loves every aspect of her artistic process, which sometimes includes restoration and taxidermy. Her love and respect for the animal is evident in the care and precision that she takes with her art. No two designs are alike and each bead is meticulously placed by the artist’s hand.

Annlyn resides in Aspen, Colorado with her husband, Forrest and their dog, Lucy.  When she is not busy painting and beading, she spends her time traveling, hunting, or reading, looking for inspiration and new artistic concepts.